Aquarius Made: Red inspiration

Some days ago I wrote about dream lingerie, mostly thinking about Spring and how I wish it were right now instead of snow at the end of March. Here are a few pictures I’ve wrangled up for the same series, this time focusing on red (and not the Taylor Swift song.)  (Source) (Source) (Source) (Source)

Hair crown from Artists & Fleas

Hola Hart Beat, how was your weekend? You do anything crazy exciting? I was at work today and got the amazing hair piece thingy that I know is typical me and I want to share with you. The pieces are all hand made and designed by Victoria for Gotham City Style based out of New

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Sculpture photographs

Hi Hart Beat. Earlier today I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and took some pictures I’ve been wanting to take for a while. These are all photographs of different Roman and Greek sculptures. What do you think, Hart Beat? All taken on March 23, 2013.

Neruda for friday

Hola Hart Beat. You have plans for this weekend? I’m going to try a new yoga class tonight and hopefully spend some time with my friends before work on Sunday. Also, I’m excited to start planning my trip down to DC. What do you think about this Pablo Neruda poem? (Source) (Source)

An album for the weekend

Hey Hart Beat. I had mixed emotions sending Hannah off to Spain this afternoon. I am so happy for her and excited to hear about the trip but, I also miss Spain so much and it was a reminder that I haven’t been there since July this past year. On another note, I’ve been working

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Hannah goes to Spain

Ha… gotcha there, didn’t I? Actually Hannah is going to Spain, my roommate Hannah, and she leaves tomorrow! Ah! Gene! I just spend the last hour talking her ear off about all the places she has to go when she gets to Madrid. I even drew her a Hannah Hart Beat appropriate map. I’m so

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Just in time

Hi Hart Beat. Sorry this has been such a music heavy week, but I think that Bob, Patsy and Emmylou make up for it. Today I want to add another one to the list. Have you heard this song by Nina Simone? “Just In Time” by Nina Simone I’ve actually posted it here before when

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(Source) Hey Hart Beat, it’s fine. It’s just another Patsy Cine song tonight. She gets me so good every time. How is your week looking Hart Beat? My mom is coming into the city tomorrow to visit and I’m furiously planning a trip down to DC to visit some very special people. Want to come?

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Real late starter

Hey there Hart Beat. How was your Saturday? You celebrating St. Patricks Day tonight? As I’m typing this I’m looking out at the Empire State building and guess what color it is… Green! (Cue a Kid History quote here.) Anyway, this is a pretty old song that I’ve loved for a while but for some

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