Country mouse to city mouse

Hola Hart Beat. How’s your Saturday going? Are you celebrating Easter this weekend? I had some days off this week so I’ll be working tomorrow at the market. As much as I loved being home, I am so happy to be back in the city. It’s so beautiful out today, it feels like being in

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Aquarius Made: Denim dreams

Mhmm. Speaking of country, I have been dreaming of spring in New York and nice weather so I can finally wear denim shirts out instead of winter jackets. How about you Hart Beat? Got any warm weather where you are? (Source) (Source) (Source) (Source) (Source)

The way, and news about Spain 2013

Last night my dad and I watched the movie “The Way,” a movie about an american man walking el camino de santiago de compostela in Spain. It came out in 2010 (it’s on netflix instant right now!) but, I’ve been putting off watching it for a while. Have you seen it? The reason my dad

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99 problems

This song. I may or may not have heard it the other night while watching a movie but, does it really matter? And, since I’ve been loving me some country this week this song fits in just right. Being back in the Berkshires for a couple days makes it much better since I can listen

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Most of the time

Hi Hart Beat. How’s tonight going for you? I’m sitting here with my Dad in the Berkshires talking about our trip to Spain this summer (more on this later). I really love this quote here and what do you think of the photo I took this afternoon. “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice Stockbridge (Source

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I am the lion king

Oh hey. What was that? You want another song suggestion? And you want one that includes The Lion King in the title? Huh, I have the perfect song for you tonight! I found this one like the last one while hanging out around Spotify. I love how catchy this is. Papa singing “I Am the

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Aquarius Made: White fever

How are you liking the new Aquarius Made series? So far we have explored lingerie and head to toe red. Since spring is (almost?) around the corner here’s to dreaming of being summer tan and only wearing white before labor day creeps up on us. (Source) (Source) (Source) Henry Clarke (Source)

I live off love, I feed off love, I breathe off love

(Source) I love this song. I found it last night while browsing around Spotify related artists (one of my favorite things to do.) This one band came up somehow with some connection and I immediately feel for this song. Can you blame me? I live off love I feed off love I breathe off love

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Marylin sings about love

(Source) Since it’s Spring (although, maybe not really?) the new season of Mad Men is starting up soon. I haven’t watched it since my mini obsession about two years ago but I still love seeing all the handsome Don Draper plastered all over the subway tunnels. Since Mad Men has been everywhere I went back

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