Photographs by Michael George

Hi. I have some great photographs to share with you this Friday. Today I was working at my favorite Chelsea coffee shop called Think Coffee and I saw the most amazing series of photos. I know that usually coffee shops don’t have the best artwork, cue the hilarious Portlandia sketch, but I was really struck by this collection.

The specific pieces that I saw are part of a series called “Portrait of a Pilgram.” All of the pictures in this collection were taken by Michael George in his month long walk of el Camino the Santiago de Compostelo across northern Spain. Since, as you at Hart Beat are well aware, I have a healthy obsession with Spain I was amazed to see these captivating images. I haven’t walked the camino but it’s a dream of mine and these pictures made me want to plan the walk for next week. I think I’ll have to wait a little bit but, with the inspiration of Michael George, I can imagine the walk in vivid colors and images now.

For more info on the extremely talented photographer Michael George, visit his website here. Check out his section of instagram pictures. They are so cool and definitely are going to be highlighted in their own Hart Beat post soon.

All photographs taken by the incredibly talented Michael George.
For more information visit his website at

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