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Day Two and Three: The Brooklyn Bridge

Hey guys. Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, I’ve been working this weekend. Tonight though let’s talk about the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s the middle of winter now but I’ve been dreaming of spring and summer when I can walk across the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.

If you’re ever in New York walking the Brookl`yn Bridge is definitely something you have to do. Theres no free pizza but the views of the city are amazing. It’s so romantic Hart Beat. I wish I was walking across it in the summer right now.

Day One: Drinks at Lulu’s

Hey Hart Beat! Happy Friday night! I can’t believe that it’s already the first of February. As many of you readers probably know, February is my favorite month (Valentines Day, my parents anniversary, stronger sunshine and my birthday all wrapped up into one month.) This year I decided that since I’m turning 23 and living in New York, I should write a countdown listing the 14 most romantic things to do in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The first romantic date that I want to write about is a great little bar called “Lulu’s” in my neighborhood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Going to a bar is probably not the first romantic thing you would think about in nyc but,  Hannah, G. and I are going to Lulu’s tonight so it’s on my mind.

There are so many reasons that this quiet and dark neighborhood bar makes it on the list of most romantic things to do in Brooklyn/Manhattan. Not only does it have a great selection of drinks (at great prices, a “Low Life”- a shot of whiskey and a miller light is five dollars) but they play amazing music, it’s right on the east river overlooking the Manhattan skyline and anytime you order a drink you get a free, delicious, personal pizza. That’s right, free pizza with your beer. What a romantic date! Plus, they have a pool table. There’s nothing more romantic than a little competition. Plus, the physicality of teaching someone to play pool? Come on, Hart Beat. Meet you there!

Valentines Day Countdown: The 14 most romantic things to do in New York City

Happy February Hart Beat!!! The surprise is here! This year in a new countdown to the big day on February 14th I’m going to do a series on the fourteen most romantic things to do in New York City and Brooklyn. Are you ready, Hart Beat? I am so excited! Look back in a couple of hours for the first post!

A dream in spain

All day long I’ve been thinking of this dream I had last night. And surprise, surprise, it was about my favorite place in the world. Madrid. In the dream I was dropping my brother off for a semester abroad at the IES center in Madrid. The dream was scattered (obviously… it was a dream) but I remember very clearly seeking out Maria José and Angel to say hello again. It all was extremely real and emotionally raw.

Of course, I woke up this morning to realize that the map of Spain that hangs above my bed had fallen down to lay on top of me in the middle of the night. I was literally being covered by the country in my sleep.

“Never Been To Spain” – Three Dog Night