Friday night in Williamsburg

Good morning Hart Beat. How was your Friday night? My roommate Hannah and I had a fun time in Williamsburg and I wanted to share some pictures with you all out there in the internet world. My amazing friend M. from study abroad now lives on the lower east side with a good friend and last night her roommate Morgan preformed her senior year dance piece at Public Assembly. I had seen her piece, “Last Chance for Bronze,” preformed by Morgan and others at Conn College last spring and I was so excited to hear that she was preforming it again in the city.

The piece is beautiful and emotional and Morgan preforms it with such talent that I was honored to see it again. I didn’t have my camera on my but here are some pictures I snapped on my iphone. Thank you so much Morgan for the show!

P.S. Then Hannah and I stumbled into a Rod and Gun meeting/concert/apartment party. I was just like being back in Maine at Bates. That with a little Bass Pro Shop thrown into the mix. Oh Brooklyn, I love you.

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