Wes Anderson date

The other day was my roommate G.’s birthday and to celebrate, the two of us went to this amazing event at a place close by to our apartment. Videology on South 1st in Williamsburg is this super cool bar/video rental place/screening room. They have all these events where they project movies (usually cult favorites) in their back room for free and let everyone who shows up drink and watch.

This past Tuesday was Wes Anderson Bingo night and so G. and I happily braved the cold to watch “Moonrise Kingdom.” I had seen this movie when I was visiting Madrid over the summer, and even though it was really fun to see dubbed in Spanish sitting next to a group of Señoras, Bill Murray, Francis McDormand and the rest of the crew really aren’t that funny without their original voices. This time it was great to see it in english, and in Brooklyn.

“We’re in love. We just want to be together.
What’s wrong with that?”

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