True love, my soulmate (Part III): Before Midnight

I’m almost too excited to type, Hart Beat. One of my favorite blogs just wrote about the coming third installment to Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke’s “Before Sunset” movies. The first and the second movies have both had their time in the sun on Hart Beat, and this past year my favorite brother bought me the screenplay for both books from the bookstore in Paris where the second movie begins. Let’s just say that I’m a major fan.

I nearly had a panic attack of happiness when I logged onto Facebook and saw that one of my best friends had posted this on my wall. Apparently, according to this Slate article (don’t even go there, there are spoilers that I refuse to read), the movie premiered at Sundance and has an expected release date of September. Unfortunately (fortunately since I wouldn’t do anything but watch the trailer or repeat), there is no trailer for the coming “Before Midnight.” The only information I’ve been able to glean is that the movie is set in the same conversation style, this time in Greece, and that Julie Delpy looks more beautiful than ever. I can’t wait to re-watch the movies tonight.

Via Jo, thanks for making my day girl.
P.S. If you, like me, are now just bursting with happiness that this movie is coming soon, enjoy this song that Julie Delpy sings and is featured in “Before Sunrise” (aka my favorite movie of all time and my life for a time being. Hopeless romantic Hannah over here.
Let’s not fool ourselves in vain,
this far away trip will give us pain
We’ll have to be strong to keep our love
from going wrong
Distance will make us cold,
even put our love on hold
But soon we’ll meet again
and soon it’s be bright at noon again
“An Ocean Apart” by Julie Delpy

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