The notorious xx

I’m about to head out into the big bad Brooklyn world this afternoon (and visit C. finally down on the lower east side) but, before I do, I want to share some Friday inspired music with you all out there. This isn’t really typical Hart Beat material but, I feel like the blog needs some edgy posts to live up to this new b.a. heading picture.

When my friend A. was living with G. and me in Greenpoint she introduced me to this great mashup album between the xx and Notorious B.I.G. I know, random, right?

Anyway, the mashup follows the entire original xx album from start to finish and incorporates some amazing biggie songs. I can’t put all of the songs up on Hart Beat but here is a link where you can listen to the entire thing in the original order without any interruptions. And here is a little sampling for you readers. Happy Friday night Hart Beat!

“Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”
– Biggie Smalls
Wait What “Juicy” The Notorious xx
(The Notorious B.I.G. vs. The xx)

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