Les misérables

Over the last weekend my brother was down in Brooklyn visiting. On a whim we ducked into a theater in the east village and saw Les Miséerables. I had wanted to see the movie but missed it during my Christmas break. If you haven’t yet, watch the trailer here:

I had never seen Les Misérables before and really didn’t know the story but the cast of the movie is amazing so I knew it would be good. I still get chills watching the trailer and listening to the music. Anne Hathaway is amazing and after she finished singing “I Dreamed A Dream” I wanted to encore her into singing it again. 
Now that I’ve seen the movie I really want to read the book. It was my friend A.’s favorite book in high school and now I know why, the story is amazing. So Hart Beat, have you seen this newest version of Les Mis? What did you think?
Helena Bonham carter was amazing.

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