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New years eve

Okay, I know last night I asked what are you doing for new years eve but, today I have another important question. What are you wearing for new years eve?

Last year I went to an amazing event held in Brooklyn and I am so excited that this year they are hosting the second annual nye party. It’s a masquerade ball so I have to go out and get a mask to complete the outfit. I’m going for a whole golden mermaid mystery ensemble so we’ll see how it goes. How about you Hart Beat, do you have your new years eve dress picked out?

Night before new years

Hi Hart Beat. My friend Sam and I decided this year that there’s so much stress associated with the actual new years night that we would relax, have a bottle of wine, make some dinner and celebrate early so tomorrow night will just be fun and not have any expectations. We’re calling it the new new years.

I also wanted to talk about some exciting news for the new year. Hart Beat has always been about romantic things, focusing on romantic feelings that people have for others, and this year (especially in January) I thought it would be good to focus on loving yourself. Between Sam and I, there are going to be some great posts coming up.

Anyway, what are you doing for new years eve?

xoxo, Hannah and Sam

We’ve been missing each other

A couple of weeks ago I heard this amazing song while out in a bar in Brooklyn. I was obsessed with it for a while and of course, that meant that I didn’t even give the other songs on the album a chance. Well, today while I was working at my computer, I gave the rest of a chance and came across this one here. It reminds me a lot of this song by L.P. and has been getting a lot of listens lately.

Imagine Dragons
“My Fault”

P.S. This is an amazing version of “It’s Time.” Man, this version deserves it’s own post but I’ll just stick it here on the end. Pretty tight, right?

Imagine Dragons
“It’s Time”

First love

Happy snow in Brooklyn Hart Beat! I’ve been working this morning on another blog and before I head out the door with my brother I want to share a movie that I saw the other night. Since it’s so snowy now it was nice to watch something with a little warmer flavor. I’m also a sucker for surfing movies, documentaries, and instant netflix (this one has all three). 

Everyone remembers the feeling of first falling in love. When you’re with them nothing else seems to matter. Time stops, but just like it can make you, it can break you.

First Love was a really interesting film that had me hooked the entire time. It was great to learn about surfing in Australia and Hawaii. Plus, the music is great and I love seeing all that warm weather. Happy Saturday Hart Beat!

Hello babies

Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you’ve got a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies – God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.

– Kurt Vonnegut

Flowers in your hair

Have you heard this song yet Hart Beat? I wrote about The Lumineers back in May but I recently found this amazing live recording of one of their other songs. The beauty of this song is not only in its sound, but in the lyrics too. I’ve written about flower crowns before, and I really like that this song sings about them too. Also, it doesn’t help that the melody is addictive and I need to keep listening to it over and over.
When we were younger we thought
Everyone was on our side
Then we grew a little bit
And romanticized the time I saw
Flowers in your hair
It takes a boy to live
It takes a man to pretend he was there
“Flowers In Your Hair”
The Lumineers

Cy Twombly

Earlier this December my Mom and I went to see the a show of Cy Twombly’s last paintings. The show was held at the Gagosian Gallery in New York and it was the first time I had ever seen anything by Twombly. My favorite part of the show was not the famous last pantings by the artist, but the collection of photographs spanning throughout his life. This passage here is from the beautiful book that I got for Christmas this year:

At the heart of these photographs, just as in his paintings and sculptures, is the act of putting something aside, an act of apprehension and record.

“Cy Twombly: A Kind of Aura” by Edmund da Waal

“Tulips” 1985
“Trees” 1994
“Studio” Lexington, VA, 2002

A very berkshire christmas

Happy Christmas Hart Beat!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! We are having a pretty low key Christmas this year and right now we’re all just sitting in front a fire, cozy as ever. As you can see in these pictures, our tree was a little lackluster this year… We actually chopped in down from our yard! My friends and I made all the snowflake ornaments. Brooklyn comes to the Berkshires.

Speaking of Brooklyn. The xx dropped this amazing christmas song a couple of days ago and I have to share it with you now Hart Beat. I love the xx, and I love you Hart Beat. Merry Christmas!

The xx
“Last Christmas”

Time goes by so slowly

I did it! I fixed the internet! Computer Carey over here. I was so happy driving my good old saab around today. I forgot how much I love to drive and think in the car. One of my favorite romantic songs came on while I was driving and it reminded me of a couple summers ago. What do you think Hart Beat? Have any love songs for moments in your life? I’ll never forgot the first time I drove my car, it was love at first sight.

P.S. Madonna and The Righteous Brothers do know what’s up, time does go by so slowly.
P.P.S. Yes, this song is from that awkward part in Ghost, but it’s Patrick Swayze so I really don’t care.
“Unchained Melody”
The Righteous Brothers

Home for the holiday

Hi Hart Beat. This post might come out a little funky as the Internet isn’t working at my house and I’m posting this via ye old Berkshire county cell tower (yes, that is a singular tower). One day I’m going to invest in getting a cell tower closer to home, which, joking aside, is actually quite a profitable venture considering the fact that cellular tower lease buyouts can bring in a considerable income.

I’m home for a couple of days relaxing and so I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting these next couple of days. Right now I’m sitting in front of a perfect fire and reading an amazing book that has me nostalgic for Madrid. But what else is new.

I realized on Friday after I posted that it was Hart Beat’s first year anniversary! Thank you so much for still reading loves!

Sayonara for now and happy holidays all!