Thanksgiving twenty twelve

Happy Thanksgiving Hart Beat! I hope everyone is having a great day celebrating and eating and sleeping and everything else associated with the big T-Day. I’m so excited to be home in the Berkshires for this Thanksgiving, although I do miss having my favorite brother around to celebrate the holiday with this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and this year I hope it’s especially good. I don’t have any pictures to share with you yet from the celebration here but check back later tonight and there will be a few surprises for you.

I was thinking the other day about how the first anniversary for Hart Beat is coming up soon in December. A year ago now the blog didn’t exist yet and I was doing my best to get through first semester with thesis and other stuff. Anyone have any ideas on how to celebrate the birthday of Hart Beat this year? I was thinking of hosting some guest posts, anyone want one?

Do you remember that day 
you feel out of my window?
Sure do, you came jumping
out after me.
Well, you fell on the concrete
and nearly broke your ass
and you were bleeding all 
over the place and I rushed
you off to the hospital.
Do you remember that?
Yes, I do.
Well there’s something
I never told you about that night.
What didn’t you tell me?
While you were sitting in the backseat
smoking a cigarette you thought
was going to be your last,
I was falling deep, deeply 
in love with you
and I never told you
’til just now.
The moon in the berkshires.

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