A late discovery

I know that this album came out in June but for some reason I had no idea about it until last night when I was browsing around Spotify (aka one of my favorite things to do).

The Tallest Man On Earth’s new album.
There’s No Leaving Now.
So I guess the album came out June 11th. Seeing as how much I love The Tallest Man on Earth’s older albums, even though I was traveling through June I should have known about the albums existence before now. Oh well, at least I have some new old music to enjoy while I figure out the bus system of my beloved New York until the trains are back running again. 
It’s hard for me to pick a favorite song from the album to highlight here but I think I have to share the title track from the album. What do you think Hart Beat?
“There’s No Leaving Now”
The Tallest Man On Earth

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