Settling in Brooklyn

G. and I have finally made our last (fingers crossed) trip up the the Berkshires to drive down the rest of our stuff for our apartment in Brooklyn. I am so happy to finally be settling in Hart Beat. You would love this apartment and I can’t wait to share it with you. Do any of you lovely readers have any suggestions about settling into a new apartment? We’ve been opening up our windows to get of the new paint smell and have flowers in the kitchen but I know G. and I would love more ideas…

While moving in I was listening to some old music and I want to share one with you that I came across and remember loving so much from high school.

Here’s George Harrison and Bob Dylan singing “If Not For You.” The version I remember having in high school was from the Bootleg Series Volume Two. I think this might be better though…

If not for you, babe,
I couldn’t find the door
Couldn’t even see the floor
I’d be sad and blue if not for you
And here’s two of my favorite albums. 
Joni and Bob hanging out in my room, chatting all night long. 

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