Sandy escape

As I’m sure you’ve heard, hurricane Sandy is barreling it’s way to the east coast. My home in Greenpoint was listed as a zone A area in New York aka meaning I needed to evacuate. They’re closing the Subway and MetroNorth at seven tonight so I had to come up with a plan pretty fast. I had a couple of offers in the city but, one of the great things about living in New York is that my home in the Berkshires is not that far away. So here I am! Blogging to you safe and sound in front of a fire in my living room sitting on the couch next to my mom. What are you doing to survive hurricane Sandy?
So to distract all of you out there on the east coast from the storm thats brewing, let’s talk about one of my favorite things. I’ve always told people that I’ll know I have it made when I have a fireplace in my bedroom. What do you think? That sounds pretty amazing for the winter to me Hart Beat.

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