Hi, happy Thursday Hart Beat. I have some news for you. I am obsessed. Lately G. and I have been watching “Friday Night Lights” (she’s never seen it… I know, shocker) so I’ve been breaking out my country music again. My old friends Luke Bryan, the Dixie Chicks and Eric Church are happy to see me I’m sure. The great part of this country fiesta round two is that I’ve been listening to some new artists in addition to the old classics. And get ready because here below hit play and cue the obsession.

“Turn that Finger Around” by honeyhoney
Am I right? The best part is that my friend S. recommended this band to me back in August and I’ve been desperately trying to remember their name. Luckily I have found them now and am happy to say they are as incredible as I remember. I have been listening to this song on repeat and I have a feeling you might be too in about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Oh darling, just turn that finger around. See what I mean?

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