Babel, babel

Well, it looks like Sandy has cleared herself from the northeast and I’m heading back to the city tomorrow. I miss New York. After being there for a while I was missing the Berkshires for all the trees and quiet that we have up here. I guess it was a good thing to come home since it made me realize that I can miss Manhattan and Brooklyn even more. I’ve heard that the subway isn’t operational yet and that there’s still flooding in many neighborhoods but, I’m ready to get back to my new home.

One of the nice things about being home was spending time with my mom in her studio drawing. I used to love drawing in college but I haven’t had much time to work since graduating. So, pretty much for the past three days I’ve been sitting around drawing and listening to the new (newish) Mumford & Sons album over and over again. It’s even more amazing than I thought Hart Beat.

I cry Babel, Babel,
look at me now,
the walls of my town they come
crumbling down
“Babel” by Mumford & Sons
I get chills every time I listen to the beginning of this song
knowing that the entire album is about to follow.

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