Le petit marseillais shower gel

While I was traveling back in June I spend a hefty amount of time on the southern coast of France. While C. and I were in Marseilles we stayed with the cutest woman in the extra bedroom of her apartment. I will never forget Alliet or her beautiful apartment but I also won’t forget the best French shower gel that she introduced me too.

The brand is called “Le Petit Marseillais” and the brand makes all kinds of products. My favorite is the body gel, I love it so much that I want to go back to France just so I can get some more of it. Luckely, for both me and you dear readers, I’ve found a website that lets you order the magic stuff. My favorite scent is “Lait de Vanille.” It leaves you smelling freshly of vanilla (my favorite smell of all time) and feeling very french. Two wins in one.

Le Petit Marseillais.

The real Marseilles.

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