Last Stop: Spain

I can’t believe this is my last travel post from the European trip. I decided to group the last couple of weeks together on the blog. After staying in Marseilles C. and I made our way to Barcelona, Spain. We were in Barcelona for a weekend and then C. made her way home and I traveled alone in Spain. These pictures are all taken in Barcelona, Valencia and finally, Madrid.

A photo I took while in Madrid last year.

As many of you loyal blog readers know, I spend a semester in Madrid during my Junior year. While I was there I had some of the best times and I was unbelievably excited to not only be back in Spain, but back in my favorite city in the world. For this reason I hardly took any photos while in Spain, I guess I felt like I was finally home.


Boutique Como agua de mayo.
More on this soon.


The oldest restaurant in the world.

Spain winning the EuroCup.
The secret garden in la latina. 

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