Stop One: Berlin

Welcome to Hart Beat’s new travel series! As many of you know this past month I took a little trip in and around Europe and I am very excited to highlight some of the places I stopped, sharing pictures and more.

Last year I studied abroad in Madrid and one of the places I was so sad I didn’t visit was Berlin, Germany. Lucky for me on this last trip my roommate and I flew directly from Newark New Jersey into Tegel airport in Berlin. I’d been so excited to travel to Germany for such a long time and I was ecstatic that I finally got my chance.

Berlin has the current reputation as being one of the coolest places to travel too. I had heard so many amazing things about Berlin that the list I had of places to visit was never ending. Luckily, when my roommate and I landed we were greeted by a friend of hers who showed us around the four days that we were there.
I wish I remembered more about Berlin so that I could tell you all about it in great detail. Unfortunately, this being our first stop and not surprising if you know my sleep needs, I was desperatly jet lagged the entire first couple of days and don’t remember much.

A nameless bar that we went to on our first night.
I love the stadium seating above in the first picture.
What I do remember though, was that Berlin was a great first impression to have of Germany and the art and contemporary culture there was so palpable that I wish I could have stayed there longer. If we had more time, we would have loved to have visited an Escape Room like this one: Escape Rooms are such a fun way to spend time with friends!

A food market. Berlin knows the way to my heart.

The Holocaust Memorial.

Graffiti on a surviving bit of the Berlin wall.

An exhibit of parts of the remaining Berlin wall.
It was covered with gum.
Picked this little gem up at a coffee shop.
Berlin was an amazing city to just walk around in and there were so many museums and art galleries that I honestly felt very overwhelmed when I arrived. I can’t recommend this city enough Hart Beat. Next up on the travel series: making moved down to southern Germany.

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