Santah: Another concert at Bates

Hokay, so, Bates has been having tons of concerts this short term. And guess what! There’s another one coming up this weekend and I am oh so excited. The band coming to Ronjstock on Saturday is called Santah and I actually published a video of the group singing a couple of weeks ago here on Hart Beat. The song “Teeth” which was posted has been one of my favorite songs this year and I am so excited to hear them live.

In preparation for the event on Saturday (which also is going to be featuring some amazing Bates own musicians) I have been listening to Santah’s album White Noise Red and would recommend you do the same to get ready for this Saturday. Here’s just one little sample for you today Hart Beat:

“Chips of Pain” by Santah
And, of course I couldn’t resist, the beautiful song “Teeth” from the Big Ugly Yellow Couch.

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