G-Eazy at Bates

Long time no see Hart Beat. I hope you missed the blog here and for this first post in a while I want to share some exciting news. This may be a little late, but last weekend Bates College had an all day outdoor concert to celebrate… Spring? Short Term? Lewiston? Whatever.

Anyway, one of the acts that came to play was this amazing rapper called G-Eazy. Actually, G featured on Hart Beat way back in March. Let’s just put it this way, I was very excited to hear this concert and want to say that G played to all my expectations and more. The icing on the cake was I was serenaded “Marilyn” from the front row. Be still my beating heart, I could hardly stand after I was so undone. To keep you listening to G-Eazy, here’s one of his newer songs.

G-Eazy’s ‘Runaround Sue ft. Greg Banks”
And as a little shout out, a picture of me and G at his concert in Maine.
And (top) G singing (shout out: both of these photos were taken by friends of mine at Bates).

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