Tonight! Bates!

Guess what’s happening tonight? If you go to Bates you already probably know what I’m going to say, but for those of you who do not have the privilege of living in Lewiston, Maine, here you go…… it’s Gala tonight!! Who’s excited to swing dance? You know I am. Who’s excited for some chocolate fountains? (yes, that was plural) Of course I am!! So, to get everyone excited for tonights festivities I thought I would share some classic swing music tunes to get you all excited.

For those of you who don’t go to Bates, Gala is our all college formal that happens every year around this time in March. Everyone from the college goes and decorates one of our buildings with white fairy lights and brings in a swing band to play for all the students and Faculty. It’s pretty classy, and oh so much fun.

I hope you all have good time picking out their dresses and their ties this afternoon. I got my dress from this great online shopping site called Asos and I can’t wait to wear it! I’ll see everyone on the dance floor at Gala Hart Beat!

“Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman
“Swingtime in the Rockies” by Benny Goodman
“Goodnight My Love” by Benny Goodman with Ella Fitzgerald

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