The dodos, concert at Bates

So this weekend a band is coming to play at Bates. The Dodo’s are being brought to Bates by our amazing student run radio station WRBC. Who, not surprisingly, have been rocking it this year. I’m pretty excited and I hope the rest of you from Lewiston Maine reading Hart Beat are as excited. Here’s one of their songs:

The Dodos “Fools”

The concert is this Saturday night outside on the Library Arcade. I know the girls from 101 are excited. I hope they sound as good live as they do on recordings. For those of you who don’t go to Bates, I’ll let you know this Sunday how they sound live. For those of you who do go to school here, I’ll see you, as always, in the front row. Happy Monday and good luck getting through this week.

The Dodos “Black Night”
I really like this one:
The Dodos “Walking”

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