Spring/(summer?) is here!

As those of you at Bates know, spring has sprung into summer pretty fast this year. Lewiston has been H.O.T. It was 80 degrees today and the same yesterday. I remember being in southern spain this time last year and wearing pants but this year, in Maine of all places, people have been walking around in summer clothes, myself included. This afternoon everyone was tanning outside in bathing suites and playing frisbee everywhere. Weirdness.

So, for this warm weather I thought I would talk a little bit about summer and spring fashion. This morning in the NY Times style section there was an article talking about how skirts are the new “it” item this year. About time was all I had to say. It’s like when they conduct those scientific studies that say, in fact, apples are good for you! Like I didn’t know that anyway. So, here’s the article and below are some inspirational skirt and all around summer/spring wear for all you Hart Beaters out there.

Prada spring line. Love the hair here too.

Red lips and red wine. My kind of afternoon.
Zooey looking as precious as always.

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