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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a new movie coming out about three contemporary folksy bands touring on a train. One of the bands on the train, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, is coming out with a new album this spring. The album is called “Here” and this is one of the tracks that was just released:

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Man on Fire”
Sophomore year my favorite song was “Home” (I know, typical Hart Beat) and have a very vivid memory of singing the duet part at some party. Dreams do come true. Anyway, what do you think of the new track? Gonna buy the album when it comes out?

The dodos, concert at Bates

So this weekend a band is coming to play at Bates. The Dodo’s are being brought to Bates by our amazing student run radio station WRBC. Who, not surprisingly, have been rocking it this year. I’m pretty excited and I hope the rest of you from Lewiston Maine reading Hart Beat are as excited. Here’s one of their songs:

The Dodos “Fools”

The concert is this Saturday night outside on the Library Arcade. I know the girls from 101 are excited. I hope they sound as good live as they do on recordings. For those of you who don’t go to Bates, I’ll let you know this Sunday how they sound live. For those of you who do go to school here, I’ll see you, as always, in the front row. Happy Monday and good luck getting through this week.

The Dodos “Black Night”
I really like this one:
The Dodos “Walking”

Nicole Atkins

A couple of years ago I found this song somewhere, please don’t ask where, I really have no idea. Anyway, I think it’s pretty amazing and I want to share it with you all Hart Beat out there. Wait, scratch that last bit, I remember where I found it! Gottcha didn’t I? Heard of Daytrotter Sessions? No? Look em up. So here’s the song, as a live version, and here’s the song from the original Daytrotter Session (where you can also download it for free. Pretty nice, right?)

Hotel Plaster sung by Nicole
Don’t leave your lover waiting 
all night by the window.
She might not be the kind who would forgive you when the meal gets cold.
I know we’ve hurt each other pretty bad
But this midnight horoscope,
Tells me there’s a little more hope. 

An affair to remember

Well, that was a productive sunday. I just finished watching the movie “An Affair to Remember” for the first time. Have you seen it? If you’re interested it’s on streaming on Netflix. Here’s the trailer:

The movie stars my favorite actor of all time, Cary Grant, in one of the most romantic movies I’ve ever seen. The leading female role is played by Deborah Kerr and I couldn’t get over the witty banter between the two stars. Here was one of my favorite bits:
Nickie Ferrante: 
Oh you know, this couldn’t be nicer. You saved my life, I was bored to death. I hadn’t seen one attractive woman on this ship since we left, now isn’t that terrible? I was alarmed. I said to myself, don’t beautiful women travel anymore? And then I saw you. And I was saved, I hope.
Terry McKay:
Tell me, have you been getting results with a line like that? Or would I be surprised?

The movie follows these two stars as they meet unexpectedly and fall in love under impossible circumstances. The pair vow to meet in six months at the top of the empire state building where, after sorting out their separate lives, they can finally be together. Sounds familiar right? Probably because it reminds you a lot of this movie here, Before Sunset. I was in love throughout the whole movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an escape from all this march madness.

Post gala sunday

Hi Hart Beat. How was your night? I think that this past gala has to be my favorite of all my years at bates. I had so much fun dancing the night away, did you? Today is a nice relaxing sunday here in Maine and the perfect day to just hang out, maybe watch some episodes of Arrested Development and listen to some music. Tonight is also this season premier of Mad Men. Are you going to watch?

Here is a song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I hope you like it and have a nice sunday today.

Bon Iver singing “Brackett WI”
Cat nap. Ha.

Tonight! Bates!

Guess what’s happening tonight? If you go to Bates you already probably know what I’m going to say, but for those of you who do not have the privilege of living in Lewiston, Maine, here you go…… it’s Gala tonight!! Who’s excited to swing dance? You know I am. Who’s excited for some chocolate fountains? (yes, that was plural) Of course I am!! So, to get everyone excited for tonights festivities I thought I would share some classic swing music tunes to get you all excited.

For those of you who don’t go to Bates, Gala is our all college formal that happens every year around this time in March. Everyone from the college goes and decorates one of our buildings with white fairy lights and brings in a swing band to play for all the students and Faculty. It’s pretty classy, and oh so much fun.

I hope you all have good time picking out their dresses and their ties this afternoon. I got my dress from this great online shopping site called Asos and I can’t wait to wear it! I’ll see everyone on the dance floor at Gala Hart Beat!

“Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman
“Swingtime in the Rockies” by Benny Goodman
“Goodnight My Love” by Benny Goodman with Ella Fitzgerald

A letter and some love poems for you

Dear Hart Beat,

Hi. How are you? I hope that you are enjoying this breathtaking spring weather and do something relaxing this weekend. I really cannot believe that this semester is coming to a close and that my thesis has been turned in. To celebrate this weekend I thought I would share some poems with you today. They are both written by a favorite poet of mine that I have blogged about here before. I hope you like them.

(Source, and yes, this is the caixa forum in madrid)
because i love you) last night
by E. E. Cummings

because i love you)last night
clothed in sealace
appeared to me
your mind drifting
with chuckling rubbish
of pearl weed coral and stones;
lifted,and(before my
eyes sinking)inward,fled;softly
your face smile breasts gargled
by death:drowned only
again carefully through deepness to rise
these your wrists
thighs feet hands
to again utter disappear;
rushing gently swiftly creeping
through my dreams last
night, all of your
body with its spirit floated
(clothed only in
the tide’s acute weaving murmur

you being in love… (XII)
by E.E. Cummings

you being in love
will tell who softly asks in love,
am i separated from your body smile brain hands merely
to become the jumping puppets of a dream? oh i mean:
entirely having in my careful how
careful arms created this at length
inexcusable, this inexplicable pleasure-you go from several
persons: believe me that strangers arrive
when i have kissed you into a memory
slowly, oh seriously
-that since and if you disappear
ask “life, the question how do i drink dream smile
and how do i prefer this to another and
why do i weep eat sleep-what does the whole intend”
they wonder. oh and they cry “to be, being, that i am alive
this absurd fraction in its lowest terms
with everything cancelled
but shadows 
-what does it all come down to? love? Love
if you like and i like,for the reason that i
hate people and lean out of this window is love,love
and the reason that i laugh and breathe is oh love and the reason 
that i do not fall into this street is love.”

Spring/(summer?) is here!

As those of you at Bates know, spring has sprung into summer pretty fast this year. Lewiston has been H.O.T. It was 80 degrees today and the same yesterday. I remember being in southern spain this time last year and wearing pants but this year, in Maine of all places, people have been walking around in summer clothes, myself included. This afternoon everyone was tanning outside in bathing suites and playing frisbee everywhere. Weirdness.

So, for this warm weather I thought I would talk a little bit about summer and spring fashion. This morning in the NY Times style section there was an article talking about how skirts are the new “it” item this year. About time was all I had to say. It’s like when they conduct those scientific studies that say, in fact, apples are good for you! Like I didn’t know that anyway. So, here’s the article and below are some inspirational skirt and all around summer/spring wear for all you Hart Beaters out there.

Prada spring line. Love the hair here too.

Red lips and red wine. My kind of afternoon.
Zooey looking as precious as always.

Landfill by Daughter

I have a very beautiful song to share with you this morning. I was introduced to it a couple of days ago and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. You can find the original version of the song here but below I posted a live version of the song. I’m not sure which I love better. The lyrics are so powerful that I’ve included some of them after the video. The chorus gets me every time.

“Landfill” by Daughter
Push me out to sea
On a little boat that you made
Out of the evergreen that you helped your father cut away
Leave me on the tracks
To wait until the morning train arrives
Don’t you dare look back
Walk away, catch up with the sunrise

Cause this is torturous
Electricity between both of us and this is
Dangerous cause I want you so much
But I hate your guts
I hate you

Wednesday: Surprise! Ah!

Hart Beat!!!!!! Guess what!!!! I finished my thesis!!! A day early! I cannot believe it and I cannot image what it’s going to feel like when I give it to my advisor tomorrow morning. After so many hours on this computer, 70 pages written and a so much learned about Federico García Lorca I am done.

And guess what that means for you, dear readers? Now I can post away daily again here on Hart Beat! I know that makes all of you readers out there happy. It makes me happy too, I’ve missed writing here on the blog. 
So, what is this post about. Honestly, I have no idea. Whatever, doesn’t matter. I’m sure I’ll be able to reflect on this whole thesis experience more profoundly soon, but now, well, now is for celebrating. 
“Wild Ones (feat. Sia” by Flo Rida