Nicole Atkins

A couple of years ago I found this song somewhere, please don’t ask where, I really have no idea. Anyway, I think it’s pretty amazing and I want to share it with you all Hart Beat out there. Wait, scratch that last bit, I remember where I found it! Gottcha didn’t I? Heard of Daytrotter Sessions? No? Look em up. So here’s the song, as a live version, and here’s the song from the original Daytrotter Session (where you can also download it for free. Pretty nice, right?)

Hotel Plaster sung by Nicole
Don’t leave your lover waiting 
all night by the window.
She might not be the kind who would forgive you when the meal gets cold.
I know we’ve hurt each other pretty bad
But this midnight horoscope,
Tells me there’s a little more hope. 

One thought on “Nicole Atkins

  1. Frankie811

    This came up on a Google alert. I first heard this song live when Nicole gave a free holiday show at a bar, maybe it was 2008 or so, solo acoustic, and I liked it instantly. I was a few feet away. I spoke to her later and from me posting a couple times on her Myspace page (back when that was the in thing), she said “you’re Frank, right?” and we took a picture together. Seen her do the song a few times since and met her, and she’s so nice, and still remembers my name.


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