Really good mixes

Last night, I discovered some new songs that I really want to share with you. Maybe these are well known already but, maybe they’re not. Anyway, please enjoy them and pass them along.

The first song is a great remix that I am so excited to post here. Do you like The xx? Do you like The xx remixes? Are you a hopeless romantic? Here you go:

Rihanna “Drunk on Love” featuring The xx
I feel like a hopeless romantic. I can’t help falling in love.
I feind for love, I want it, I crave it.
I just can’t get enough.
Take me away, I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Always let love take the lead.

The second is, surprise!, another remix. This one was requested again and again last night so I feel obligated to share it on Hart Beat. It is a Shakira, Bee Gee’s and Britney Spears remix. That’s right, Shakira and the soul swinging Bee Gees. Get ready.
Shakira vs. Bee Gees “Whenever, Wherever Ben Liebrand Minimix”

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