Here she is, Lana del Rey

I know that the singer Lana del Rey has already been blogged about on Hart Beat but, today her full album “Born to Die” is being released. Even though pobrecita Lana has had a very treacherous media month (with a really bad SNL appearance) I am still excited for her full album. I’ll let you know how the whole thing is after I give a good listen through.
Here is a video of the ever classic song “Video Games.” This was the first song that I ever heard by Lana. I hope you like it too. And as I side note here, for some reason, every time I hear this song I think about the book Play it As it Lays. What do you think?
It’s you, it’s you, 
it’s all for you, everything I do.
Tell you all the time, 
heaven is a place on earth with you.
Tell me all the things you want to do.

For real though, where are is she getting all these flower crowns?
I want them. Can someone make me a lei with fresh flowers? I’ll wear it on my head I pinky promise…

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