An ode to naps

Todays post is a love post, a love post for a nap. If you are reading Hart Beat and know me at all then you know I love an afternoon nap… or a morning nap, or a late afternoon nap, or a just-about-to-go-out power nap. There was always a joke that my family would tell when I was growing up about how our house was really the house from the children’s book “The Napping House.” You know, “There is a house, a napping house, where everyone is sleeping.” It’s a classic.
So here today on Hart Beat, a post dedicated to all the nappers out there.
Unfortunately, I have had to stop taking my afternoon naps as they were turning into marathon four hour sleeps. This song however, is so sleepy and beautiful that I have to share it. Clearly, here at Hart Beat, She & Him is a very popular band.
“If You Can’t Sleep” by She & Him
And, for those of you out there in the internet world who have not attempted to stop the nap cycle, some inspiration for you…

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