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Here she is, Lana del Rey

I know that the singer Lana del Rey has already been blogged about on Hart Beat but, today her full album “Born to Die” is being released. Even though pobrecita Lana has had a very treacherous media month (with a really bad SNL appearance) I am still excited for her full album. I’ll let you know how the whole thing is after I give a good listen through.
Here is a video of the ever classic song “Video Games.” This was the first song that I ever heard by Lana. I hope you like it too. And as I side note here, for some reason, every time I hear this song I think about the book Play it As it Lays. What do you think?
It’s you, it’s you, 
it’s all for you, everything I do.
Tell you all the time, 
heaven is a place on earth with you.
Tell me all the things you want to do.

For real though, where are is she getting all these flower crowns?
I want them. Can someone make me a lei with fresh flowers? I’ll wear it on my head I pinky promise…

The snood

There is a very big trend hitting the Bates College campus this winter. The trend I’m talking about is a fashion accessory called the snood. What is a snood? Well, it’s pretty much a really thick scarf that is made in a circle so that you can warp it around your neck.

My mom made me a snood when I was in high school and it is the softest thing I’ve ever worn. It’s white and warm and lovely. My roommate has nice snood from J.Crew which, unfortunately, is sold out online. Are snoods big on your campus? And has anyone heard them called anything else? I just called mine a wrap-around-scarf until this year, so, I’m kind of behind the times.

This website here has a knitting plan for a snood. I haven’t tried it so I have no idea if it’s any good but I thought I would pass it along anyway. Doesn’t it looks so warm?

Joseph Gordon Levitt

I know this morning’s post was a love letter to napping but, I thought I would kick off this afternoon with another sort of love post…
Ah, Joseph Gordon Levitt. Have you seen him in any movies? Perhaps “500 Days of Summer“? I know that this movie is not liked by some but, I liked it. It felt like real life. If you want, you can watch the trailer for the movie here. To be honest, I thought that the trailer was better than the movie. But, doesn’t that happen sometimes?
Claudia Schiffer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

One of the reasons I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so great is his style. Here are some great pictures of JGL rockin’ it.
(Source for these three)

An ode to naps

Todays post is a love post, a love post for a nap. If you are reading Hart Beat and know me at all then you know I love an afternoon nap… or a morning nap, or a late afternoon nap, or a just-about-to-go-out power nap. If you are a lover of naps, but struggle to fall asleep then maybe it time to get a new mattress? If this is something that interests you then maybe you should check out something like this memory foam mattress. Anyway, there was always a joke that my family would tell when I was growing up about how our house was really the house from the children’s book “The Napping House.” You know, “There is a house, a napping house, where everyone is sleeping.” It’s a classic.
So here today on Hart Beat, a post dedicated to all the nappers out there.
Unfortunately, I have had to stop taking my afternoon naps as they were turning into marathon four hour sleeps. This song however, is so sleepy and beautiful that I have to share it. Clearly, here at Hart Beat, She & Him is a very popular band.
“If You Can’t Sleep” by She & Him
And, for those of you out there in the internet world who have not attempted to stop the nap cycle, some inspiration for you…

It’s sunday!

Hello Hart Beat, how are you? I hope that you had a nice weekend and got some things done, got some sleep, had some fun, you know, did the usual stuff. I had a pretty good weekend and to cap it off I thought I would share some images that I’ve found this week and a website about the Oscar’s that was sent to me by my mom.

Shirley Temple and Julie Andrews
This and more classic Oscar photos found here.

This website was recommended by NPR and is giving articles and remarks about the upcoming Oscar’s. I found it pretty entertaining. Look forward to a post about the Oscar’s coming up… after February’s surprise.

And some lovely images for you sweethearts out there…

Repetto shoes

Polaroid by Andy Warhol

About a year ago I was in Camden, Maine at a consignment store shopping around with my madre. I wish I could remember the name but, alas, I do not. I do remember though that at this store I bought the best pair of high heel shoes that I have ever owned. The brand is called Repetto and they are made by a french company that draws its inspiration form traditional ballet shoes. I used to dance and these shoes are not only beautiful but remind me of the real thing.

Repetto’s are pretty expensive so I would never recommend them at full price. However, if you ever find a pair on extreme sale, do not hesitate.
My pair of Repetto’s:

Really good mixes

Last night, I discovered some new songs that I really want to share with you. Maybe these are well known already but, maybe they’re not. Anyway, please enjoy them and pass them along.

The first song is a great remix that I am so excited to post here. Do you like The xx? Do you like The xx remixes? Are you a hopeless romantic? Here you go:

Rihanna “Drunk on Love” featuring The xx
I feel like a hopeless romantic. I can’t help falling in love.
I feind for love, I want it, I crave it.
I just can’t get enough.
Take me away, I wear my heart on my sleeve.
Always let love take the lead.

The second is, surprise!, another remix. This one was requested again and again last night so I feel obligated to share it on Hart Beat. It is a Shakira, Bee Gee’s and Britney Spears remix. That’s right, Shakira and the soul swinging Bee Gees. Get ready.
Shakira vs. Bee Gees “Whenever, Wherever Ben Liebrand Minimix”

Annie Leibovitz

Speaking of documentaries… I saw another great one! This one is called Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens. It was unbelievable and truly inspirational. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes photography, famous people, or the music industry. Here is where you can find a trailer of the movie.

Photographs by Annie Leibovitz.

Susan Sontag

Kirsten Dunset
Mikhail Baryshnikov and Kathleen Moore

Joan Didion 
Yoko Ono and John Lennon

A little secret for you

One of my Mom and my favorite people introduced us to an amazing hair product when I was in high school. Today I want to share it with you. Even though I know many people may have already discovered this product, here at Hart Beat we believe it deserves it’s own blog post. This is a game changer. It’s called Moroccan Oil and I swear, this is miracle working stuff. Any time you’re having a bad hair day, bam, use some magic Moroccan Oil and you are good to go. 
I can’t promise anything but your hair might look like this. Also, remember, a little Moroccan Oil goes a long way, a trick of the trade.

Another Earth and Brit Marling

I had a dream last night inspired by an amazing movie. In it there was some other planet zooming towards Earth and no one knew what would happen when they collided. Have you seen the movie “Another Earth”? If you haven’t here is the trailer…

Our Earth is replicated elsewhere. There’s another you out there. Now you begin to wonder, has the other me made the same mistakes I’ve made? And is that me better than this me?

Looks good right? I saw it with some friends earlier this semester and we all loved it. The best part of the movie, other than the great sci-fi premise, is the story behind the writer and star. Brit Marling has an amazing life story and career. I won’t go into the whole thing here but definitely look her up. Here’s an article about her from the NY Times and an interview with her about the movie “Another Earth.” I am eagerly waiting for her other movies to come out.

Of course, and this is not surprise, the amazing trailer for “Another Earth” features an amazing song. The song is by The Cinematic Orchestra and has been featured on Hart Beat before here. This particular song is called “That Home.” Here is a video of the song…

“That Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra